1 2 Switch Review (Nintendo Switch)

The glorious switch launch title is quite a enjoyable one despite the quite large price tag. 1 2 Switch is a collection of minigames played with the Nintendo switches joycon controllers.

There are a total of 27 minigames to play on the game. Some utilize the right joycon sensor, some involve quick reflexes whilst some require perfect balance it’s quite a large mixture of the sorts of the games. having your quick to play ones like the cowboy shoot em “quick draw” then having ones that take slightly longer such as the ball count which utilizes the HD rumble I’ll talk about a few minigames included in the game

Quick draw:
the quickest minigames of them all is the quick reflex cowboy game in which you have to raise your gun and shoot to the “FIRE” sound prompt. this game is very enjoyable to have several quick fire rounds of this minigame swapping friends or family each round to see who is the true quick draw champion.

Fake draw:
similar to quick draw however instead of having the “FIRE” immediately it throws different words in to try and throw you off such as friends or fromage. in some cases though it says FIRE straight away which has caught me off many times.

Samurai training:
One player has to strike the other with a Japanese kendo stick whilst the other must catch the stick in their hands before it strikes them on the head. this game can trail for a fair bit of time as it goes on until one strikes the other so if you are good enough it can keep going and going.

Sword fight:
step into the gladiatorial ring and cross swords with your opponent in the crazy fast paced gladiator style minigame which has you swinging a sword to strike whilst also guarding opponents attacks, this is slightly longer than all the other minigames. so you have to attempt to strike away lives from your opponent but you can also guard from attacks to prevent attacks.

1 2 switch provides a pretty fun party game and a solid launch title for the switch but the replay value really depends of different groups of people and the games do get repetitive after a while but this game usually goes down well with groups of people like when I took my switch into college there were a fair amount of people playing and watching the game.

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