5 Not Too Secret Xbox Functions

5 Not Too Secret Xbox Functions

As is the case with many gadgets out there, the Xbox has a few functions that people still do not know about. In this articleI will be telling you about some of these functions and giving you some tips to help you get the most out of your Xbox.

Cache Clearing (Xbox 360)

If you are experiencing issues with certain games, getting errors on sign-in or glitches in your dashboard, you may simply have to clear your cache. This will only clear out temporary game updates but often that is enough to get rid of annoying issues. After doing this and when next you go onto Xbox Live you will be prompted to download game updates again.

No Save Needed (Xbox 1)

Instead of saving your game, simply turn the console off and when you turn it on again you will be able to resume your game from where you left off. Please remember that this only works with offline games and if you are on the gadget’s instant-on setting. This setting does use more power so this is not for those aiming to live greener.

Quick Menu (Xbox 1)

Omit the tedious task of actually going to the menu. By right clicking you can access the menu instantly. It acts very similar to a right click button on a PC mouse and is much more convenient and faster that the alternative on your Xbox.

Phone Control (Xbox 1)

Download the Xbox One SmartGlass app on a tablet or phone and voila, an instant controller. You can now use you device to browse the menu or Netflix sans controller or Kinect.

Xbox Your PC (Xbox 1)

Download the applicable software and you can use your Xbox 1 remote on your computer. It connects by ways of USB port. Open yourself up to a range of new possibilities.

The best way of finding all the things your Xbox can do is to play around with it. Train yourself my exploring all of the functions it has. In time you will be able to create magic with it. Some items on the menu may seem nonsensical to you until the day that you actually need it. Knowing what you have is one of the best weapons you’ll ever have in your arsenal.

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