5 Things That Make Xbox and PC Games Addictive

We all know one of those people. You know the type. Eyes rapidly flitting across the screen they are facing and either a rigid or slumped back. The type that ignores your attempts at making conversation while their fingers are rapidly rushing over controls or keys, attempting to graduate to the next level. Yes, gaming addiction is not a pretty picture but why do we get addicted to PC or Xbox games?

The Endings

It has become clear that games that omit a fixed ending are the most addictive. Players love games where there is no end. They enjoy having the ability to continue the game until a point in time where they decide to call it quits. Games such as Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing use this sort of format.
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Newer games allow players to interact with one another and to many this becomes the axle around which their social lives revolves. They become so engrossed with the game and other players that they have no need for other companionships. They feel that they belong because the other players share their obsession.


The games that gain the most addicts are the ones that offer a type of currency within the game. As they progress, they ‘earn’ more. Similar to currency in real life, currency in the game translates into status, control, power, influence and respect from others.


Games that regularly get upgrades and expansion packs that allow the players some perks. Often are preferred over those who don’t. This prevents the games from becoming monotonous. With new characters, areas, new tasks and more the player has a huge range of options and answers to possible conundrums which ensures that there are weeks, if not months, of playtime on a regular basis. games such as Final fantasy 14 continuously update and add new expansions.

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Real Rewards

When a game offers prizes in real life, it is sure to be very popular. The best players or teams compete to determine the best of the best and that person or team is then rewarded with a prize they can enjoy for real.
These are among the most obvious reasons that people get addicted but there are more reasons than those discussed here. The reason that encompasses all reasons is that a player would get addicted to the game that offers them things they enjoy. Seeing that we are all different, we should get addicted to different kinds of games depending on our preferences and personalities.


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