Best Games From E3 2019

E3 has come to an end for this year and it’s time to start looking back on how great it was. We’ve put together a list of the games we’re looking forward to most from E3 2019 and let me tell you, it was no easy task.

Blair Witch

When it came to games that scare we didn’t really have all that many this year. Blair Witch more than made up for it though. This intensely atmospheric game has seemly come out of nowhere and though we’ll have to play with the lights on we’re looking forward to it. Blair Witch releases on August 30th, 2019.

Borderlands 3

Its been a very long 7 years since Borderlands 2 released and fans have eagerly been anticipating the day when the third one would be announced. Every year at E3 fans were hopeful, but finally, we have it and we are not disappointed. The game comes out September 13th and we’re going to be waiting in line to be one of the first.

Contra: Rogue Corps

2011 was the last time we had a proper Contra game grace us with its presence but we’ve actually been getting new Contra games every couple of years since the first one way back in 1987. Recent, less popular Contra games have been on mobile and not had a whole lot of success. But it’s good to see we’re going back to Contra as it should be. Contra: Rogue Corps is due to release on September 24th, 2019.

Cyberpunk 2077

While this is hardly the first time we’ve heard about Cyberpunk 2077 it easily stole the entire show by breaking out Keanu Reeves not only as a character in the game, but also bringing him out on stage. Though there has been a lot of questionable concern from the LGBTQ+ community about the game, we’ll admit we’re still excited to play.

Elden Ring

What happens when you combine the great writing mind behind Game of Thrones and the brilliance of Hidetaka Miyazaki? You get Elden Ring. We actually don’t know a whole lot about the game other than it is going to be challenging. There isn’t a release date yet, and nothing about the story has been released either.

Gears 5

There are a few game franchises that are sure to grab everyone’s attention every year they’re at E3 and Gears of War is one of the big ones. Gears 5 will focus on Kait Diaz, an Outsider of Locust descent. The game is set to launch on September 10th, 2019. We’re going to be very busy this September.

Halo Infinite

A new Halo game is on the way and we could not be more excited. Having listened to feedback from Halo 5: Guardians split screen is back and they’re doubling down on the Master Chief. Sadly, the game isn’t expected to release until Q4 2020. Basically, that means we’ll see it at E3 again next year.

Planet Zoo

At E3 this year we got our first gameplay trailer for Planet Zoo, the zoo simulation game from the makers of Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous, Frontier Developments. Only 17% of games at E3, this year was a non-violent game and this one is the clear winner in our hearts. Planet Zoo launches on November 5th.

It was so hard to narrow it down to just a few games we’re looking forward to. We didn’t even get to mention Watch Dogs Legion or Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 both of which look amazing!

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