Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

The 6th instalment in the main Guitar Hero series which took quite a different turn than the others, in terms of setting and introduced a story rather than the career mode the previous games gave out. Giving out an amazing game with the same formula dating back to the original Guitar Hero.


The game features 4 different instrument choices (Guitar, Bass, Drums and microphone) and has you playing notes in time with the rhythm to a vast majority of songs featuring artists such as Black Sabbath, Twisted Sister, Queen and many more. The guitar and bass require you to hold down coloured fret buttons and strumming when the note meets the playing line, Drums have you hitting the specific coloured pad for the notes and pressing down on a foot pedal for the long notes, Vocals (Microphone) has you singing to the song with the correct pitch and tune.

Quest mode

A complete change up from past Guitar Hero games is the Quest Mode which follows a story of the downfall of the warrior of rock who was unable to slay a beast that threatened all of rock and roll throughout the world. You must gather a team of 8 warriors. You do this by playing concerts as the separate characters, until you get noticed by godly forces which grant the character a new power and a full transformation. A certain part of the quest has you discovering the legendary guitar and playing a seven song set by Rush.


This mode is your standard Quickplay but with a twist. Each song has 3 different challenges for each instrument so that is quite a fair amount of gameplay you can get out of the game. Every song feels like a big step in difficulty so you have to practice a lot and by a lot I mean A LOT. Even myself being able to 100% expert We’re Not Gonna Take It by twisted sister but then attempting Black Widow Of La Porte by John 5 and only being able to pass the first 10% of the song really goes to show that every song has a steep difficulty curve.

Final Thoughts

Personally I think it’s a much better step up than Guitar hero 5 which lacked in it’s song choices as well as having a quite boring career mode, Guitar hero: Warriors of Rock really did Deliver well on it’s quest mode and it being so addictive to play I cleared the main quest in 2 days and now I’m spending quite a lot of time trying to dominate the quest by gaining all the power stars. Although the platinum trophy which I’m trying to get seems rather difficult due to The black Widow of La Porte Expert guitar trophy as well as the Fury Of The Storm Hard mode drums one as well. All in all however I believe this is a game that is worth buying if you’ve played past titles or are interested in getting into guitar hero, buy it now.

Available on Xbox 360 , PS3 and  Wii

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