Is splitscreen gaming dead?

Split screen gaming, the most powerful tool for families to game together and enjoy the experience. but as games get more powerful and harder to run split screen titles are becoming more and more scarce. with gaming becoming more focused on the online aspect of going against and working together from around the world.

with vast majority of games having split screen in the ps2/Xbox era and in the ps3/Xbox 360, whilst not many PS4/XBOX one titles supporting split screen. for example the borderlands handsome collection (PS4) supports up to 4 player split screen but at the cost of framerate so it doesn’t feel as good as if it was played solo yet the multiple people in the same room improve the experience. And with the interesting upcoming game “a way out”. the prison escape game. might convince game creators to invest more in split screen.

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An alternative?

With party games such as the jack box party pack being created where every single player must use a tablet or smartphone in order to play the game is one of the strongest alternatives to what we have because it is very simple to just ask all your friends to access a certain website in order to be included in the game, the new upcoming Sony Play link games allow you to do similar to jack box where you connect smartphones and tablets in order to play games. from quiz games and party games to the drama narrative driven adventure of “Hidden agenda” the narrative-driven adventure drops you into a tale rife with chilling moral dilemmas. Up to four of you can join in and influence the story, but beware – not all of you will be working towards the same objective… 

So is it “Dead”

personally I believe we won’t really see many 4 player split screen games however as with a way out we could be seeing these sort of cinematic split screen story games for quite a while if the game gets received well and is done exceptionally. With a way out we may see rebirth of split screen 2 player. but even then the title is playable online too.

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