Kingdom Hearts 3 New World Trailer and RELEASE DATE YEAR

During D23s Level up livestream yesterday they spoke about the legendary upcoming game in the kingdom hearts series: KINGDOM HEARTS 3 they’ve teased and hyped everyone up for this phenomenal new world and trailer for the game as well as also shown us a Release date year.

I’m quite a big fan of the kingdom hearts series having followed the series since its beginning on the PS2 and purchased every title as well as every HD remaster that they’ve put out. And as they’ve shown more and more footage I have got increasingly more excited and now that they’ve finally revealed the release year I cannot stress how much I can’t wait for it to be 2018 already.

The new trailer has shown us the toy story world showing Sora Donald and goofy as toys, as well as showing us young xehanort and digging deeper into the overall story. as can be seen the game now can handle more than 2 party members. having buzz and woody fight alongside sora Donald and goofy.

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Kingdom hearts releases in 2018
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Also available is the whole kingdom hearts series bundled into 1 remastered collection
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