Kingdom hearts Birth by sleep Final mix HD review

With kingdom hearts 2.8 practically hours from release I thought it would be a great idea to write about the story that 0.2 included with 2.8 continues from. this game comes bundled with the Kingdom hearts 2.5 HD Remix for PS3 along with Kingdom hearts 2 Final mix and Kingdom hearts RE:Coded


the story follows 3 key blade warriors (Terra,Aqua and Ventus) whilst Aqua and Terra are undertaking their mark of mastery exam a dark evil force is set into motion causing Terra to leave their home world. Ventus worried about Terra goes looking for him in turn sets aquas worries on high as she follows after Ventus. The trio explore each area separately until they are confronted against one large threat.


The game has you playing as each separate character. Terra being a very strong but slow character. Aqua being very fast but not strong and Ventus being an all around character which average speed and strength. each character explores the same disney worlds but all containing different stories and characters that show up. The combat is very fast passed real time action combat which has you casting spells and swinging your keyblade.

Final Mix

Since this game is bundled with KH 2.5 HD Remix it’s the final mix version that includes more content than the original PSP Release. It includes a bonus episode featuring aqua as well as adding in some new keyblades and commands. also completely overhauling all the colours of the enemy unversed which had me pretty weirded out when I began to play it because I played the PSP original before hand
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Get Birth by sleep final mix HD along with Kingdom hearts 2 HD and RE:coded cutscene movie


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