Lego Dimensions review (PS4)

Lego dimensions is the wonderful game in which real life Lego building meets the toys to life series combining so many franchises from Gremlins to ghostbusters to batman all the way to the upcoming powerpuff girls packs.

In the starter pack it comes included with the game disc. Batman/Wildstyle/Gandalf figures which the game is entirely playable with only these figures.


The story primarily follows the legendary batman, Wild style from the Lego movie and Gandalf the grey from the lord of the rings series who have been mysteriously teleported by a mystical gateway. You must rebuild the gateway and send your heroes off along the different Lego worlds such as Wizard of Oz and others in pursuit of specific objects before the evil lord vortech can find them first.


The game is your standard Lego style game with puzzles and fighting sequences as it has you traversing the levels in order to reach the goal. However due to the fact that it is indeed a toys to life series (such as Skylanders or Disney infinity) it has some really well done puzzles in utilizing the base, so for example on one you have to find a hidden object and as you move closer to it the base glows up greener and greener.

Actual physical Lego:

I believe this to be one of the best things about this entire game is the fact that even in order to play you must build the portal base as well as the characters and the bat mobile (Which is included with the game) I had countless hours of fun just rebuilding every single model that our family got for Christmas and putting them in the game even if at sometimes it really was frustrating like the fantastic beasts fun pack build which took me 8 different attempts of rebuilding the model until I got it right.

Interaction with the base:

Included with the pack is of course the base and as spoken about before the base is implemented into many puzzle aspects of the game such as moving the characters on the base to teleport them to different areas. the use of it was very well done personally and it changed how the game played as I was constantly moving characters around on the base.

Fun/Level/Team packs:

The additional packs that can be bought also add so much to the experience. especially the level packs as we picked up the sonic the hedgehog level pack, it provides about an hour long level as well as access into the free roam adventure world themed around sonic the hedgehog.  with the game we purchased quite a fair few additional packs, I absolutely had to have the gremlins pack as it’s one of my favourite films and the gizmo Lego figure was just way too cute to not get.
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