Nintendo switch first week of use

I have finally acquired a Nintendo Switch and I must say I’m am very impressed with the quality of the system. My last post spoke about the thoughts I had of the console and now I have one I can go more in depth as to how the system handles.

Box contents:
The switch comes boxed with the actually tablet like device that the switch actually runs on, the joycon controllers (2 of them). a Dock in order to play TV mode. The HDMI cables and power adapter and a Grip to put the joycon controllers in for a different style of play.

The switches biggest sort of gimmick concept in the fact you can take it basically anywhere and this feature is actually very helpful and works very smooth as there is no problem with just picking up the tablet and connecting the joycon to the side and the game continues to resume play on the tablet. The battery life is quite powerful sort of equal to the power of a 3DS with around 3 Hours of playtime with a fully charged console of course the brightness and game running change how much power it uses. The joy cons have a 20 hours charge and this has been more than enough for every play session I have done with the console.

The games:
Nintendos big focus on this console is of course the games. I believe if you aren’t a big Zelda fan then buying this console now might not be the best decision because Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild is an absolutely phenomenal game and is essential if you have a switch. 1 2 switch is a fun party game with quite a fair bit of enjoyment as it has different style minigames that everyone can enjoy. You have bomber man R which I have only seen gameplay but not played myself and it looks pretty ridiculous and fun. Snipperclips is also worth a buy which is a fun puzzle game playable with 4 players.

Going forwards:
With the games coming out soon such as Mario kart 8 Deluxe, Ultra street fighter 2 the final challengers, ARMS, splatoon 2 and much more owning a switch right now prepares you for the future releases.

Purchase a Switch today:

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