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March is a very big month this in gaming this year especially for Nintendo due to the release of their brand new Nintendo switch and legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild. The switch allows you to play the games on the TV and picking up the portable pad that any gam that was being shown on the TV transfers into a completely portable version of the game you were just playing at the same point

Yes nintendos new system has finally arrived and personally I was quite sceptical about the whole idea and I haven’t got a Nintendo switch but I’ve been keeping up with its launch by watching videos and unboxing etc.

Something that is really impressive with the new console is the innovation with making it turn portable in a matter of seconds. the fact that you can take a full console release game on the go whilst it keeps the beautiful quality of nintendos games.

However with the switch I feel as if the launch line-up is sort of weak, the 1-2 switch game seems a bit too overpriced and although Zelda breath of the wild would run better and look nicer on switch it’s also available on Wii U so is the £300 base investment really worth it?

it has some quite strong 3rd party support such as:
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Maybe we will see some awesome new games for switch as well as some ports from games released previously. if they could create bayonetta 3 then I’d buy one a switch immediately

If the switch can keep up with great releases such as Zelda then it will succeed quite well, Arms and fire emblem heroes are the only sort of reason I would go out and get one but since they are later releases currently I’m sorry Nintendo but I’ll keep with the Wii U for now.

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