Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (PS4) review

Resident Evil 7 has finally arrived, with its promise to return to its roots and first person view. An estate plagued by infected creatures with a person being given scarce ammo and weapons and tasked to survive, maybe Resident Evil has returned to its roots after all.


You play as Ethan, a man called to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend Mia. Upon arriving you are kidnapped by the disgusting Baker family, this family isn’t your normal family, they’re humans infected with a virus that allows them to regenerate and gives them extreme strength


As mentioned before, the view for this game takes a first person perspective and has the same feel of Resident Evil 1. The horror is very atmospherical. Having one of the Bakers roaming the areas you are in at all times gives a large danger element to exploring due to if you aren’t prepared to fight you will be killed. the game is split into 4 sections in which you explore different areas. Different weapons can be acquired during the course of the game such as a pistol and flamethrower.

Virtual reality addition:

One of my friends has a PS VR headset so I decided to go to theirs and try out the game in VR and I have to say it makes the game so much scarier. although it’s quite weird as the camera turning which would usually be done with the right stick requires you to turn your head rather than use the right stick. I played through one of the scenes where you have to hide from Mrs Baker and it was so terrifying.


I like to have a look at trophies for games and comment on the ones I think are the hardest and there are a fair few on this game. The one in which you must complete the game in under 4 hours, completing the game only healing a maximum of 3 times and completing the game on the madhouse difficulty which is a massive step-up from the games normal mode.


although this game strays much further from the past resident evil games in terms of gameplay, it provides a whole lot more scares and suspense than the past title of resident evil 6. A game worth more than one play through with a whole lot more of DLC to come this game just might be what the resident evil franchise needs to be great again like the days of Resident evil 4.

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