Rock band 4 review (PS4)

Rock band 4 is Harmonixs latest instalment in the “Rock Band” series. It puts you in the shoes of a budding rock star in a rock band, work one of 4 different instruments (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Mic) and Rock the world through 65 songs including 1800 songs as DLC. Making it the largest song library in Musical video game history. Take it with artist like Fallout Boy, the cure, Paramore and many more or kick it into old school with artists such as Queen, Pat Benatar and more.


Rock Band handles similar to the guitar hero series as I have reviewed before with its multiple choice of instruments. The guitar, Bass, Drums and Microphone. Hitting the notes in time with the music. vocals still being as hard as ever at the harder difficulties. this game allows use of your old rock band or even guitar hero guitars, I personally use my guitar hero 5 guitar for ps3 which works just fine for Rock Band 4.

Game modes

Travel to different locations across the world in the Career mode as you take shows and tours to boost your bands popularity and income, designing your own character at the beginning of the game and see them rock out to chart topping songs. Or maybe just simply rock out on quick play. Or take it into Brutal mode where notes disappear halfway down the screen and you must rely on your musical rhythm to play the notes at the right time. If you are really a Rock legacy, bump the difficulty up to expert and get above and beyond 5 stars to get to the golden star.
With the new Rivals expansion which released recently finally giving access to simultaneous online multiplayer which was highly wanted at launch. As well as RockuDrama, the story driven campaign mode about your bands rise to stardom and hardships of their lives.

DLC songs

every song that has been available as dlc for rock band 3 is downloadable to rock band 4 so if you are a long veteran of rock band, some of your dlc can be downloaded into the new game. with a massive selection of songs you can choose from the game never really loses its playability value. Constant updates to the song list and game really make it worth a purchase, especially if you might have some old rock band PS3 instruments lying around.

Local multiplayer

this game is one of those games that feels great to play with friends and family, getting all available instruments and all performing songs together is a great experience. with the songs ranging from current releases all the way back to 1980s songs, so maybe the parents would even give it a go.

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