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Check Out The Videogaming Nostalgia and find out all about Video Gaming History

As gamer parents, it can sometimes be hard to explain to our children that there was once a world without videogames and that when computer games did finally come into our lives, they were very primitive – but dang it, we were happy with whatever we could get as even the simplest games such as Pong gave us hours upon hours of treasured joy.

Videogaming Nostalgia Atari

Now, trying to explain what old gaming systems were like can also be a bit of an issue – I mean, how do you explain an Amstrad to someone who has been born into the world of an iPhone and can sometimes appear like they were born connected to the internet with a gamepad in their hands?

Well, worry not, as the National Videogame Museum has opened up in Sheffield and offers an amazing insight into Britain’s rich history with Video gaming and also allows people to see and most importantly play first-hand some of these classic consoles and games. At last, a chance to show off your retro gaming talents! On their site they state –

“Discover the past, present and future of play in a brand new, interactive, family-friendly museum.
Explore nearly a hundred different games, including some classics you grew up with and some you may have missed!
Learn about gaming culture and the objects that represent it.
Create your own games, using our dedicated creation stations.”

Sounds Epic!

If you are unable to get there than worry not, as they have also teamed up with the giffgaff – the mobile network run by you, and created an amazing documentary “The History of British Video Gaming” featuring Eurogaming’s Aoife Wilson – As described:

“It’s time to travel back through the decades and level up your gaming knowledge. From the start of video-games with the 1980’s ZX Spectrum through to the 2000s breaking new ground with Runescape, we’re unpacking it all. We’re taking you inside the brand spanking new National Videogame Museum for a crash-course on the history of UK gaming. Along the way, we’re joined by gaming legends including Mark Ogilvie, Kish Hirani and Philip and Andrew Oliver. You’ll hear about how they made these games and even get to play a few too. This is what you call winning. Are you ready?”

Videogaming Nostalgia Commodore 64

Well, if you are ready, it can be located over on their website:

The delving into video gaming’s history doesn’t stop there. The most recent blast from the past has been companies trading on nostalgia with high-end micro consoles, with Septembers launch of the Sega Genesis, which is following a trend which started around 2016 when Nintendo launched their “NES Classic” which was followed by the less successful “Playstation Classic”.

What makes these special is that they are mico systems complete with the original games that made them famous. I personally, am super excited about as I am a retro gaming fan who adores Sonic and anything around the early 90’s time period. But as we all know, gaming systems grow old and even if you have managed to retain your original one, it may not be in the best condition. So here if your chance to relive the history at home in your and creating some old memories around the old one.

Do you play retro games with a family or discuss the history of gaming and your experience of it? It’s such a fantastic way to bond over an activity that already brings you together as a family. We’d love to hear about your experiences if you do either below or on our social channels!

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