What is an Appropriate Age to Play Fortnite?

There are recommended age ratings for all games available to kids these days. The age rating is a great way for parents to determine if they’ll allow their kid to play a video game or not. While the age rating scale was created as a recommendation based on what the video game includes for language, violence, and other things. It’s a great starting point for someone to figure out what an appropriate age to play Fortnite is.

The Age It Is Rated

Fortnite is rated for ages 12+ or 13 years of age, depending on which device you’re going to download Fortnite from. This game is free to download for all ages, which means if you have a kid under the age of 12 who uses a PC, PlayStation 4 or another device that supports Fortnite, your kid could potentially download Fortnite for free without permission. While Fortnite is rated for ages 12 plus, there are kids that play Fortnite at a younger age. Again, this all goes back to the parent’s comfort level as well as the maturity level of your kid.

If you’re uncertain whether your kid under age 12 should play Fortnite, then you should know a few things about Fortnite. Each of these bullet points will help you understand why Fortnite has the recommended age rating that it does and how you will determine when you’ll allow your kid to play Fortnite.

What Makes Fortnite Rated for 12+?

  • A player may use any weapons that they can find to fight off monsters and save other players who are survivors.
  • Monsters disappear in a purple flash when they’re defeated, so that’s not super graphic in nature for parents who may be concerned about the monsters.
  • Fortnite has guns and grenades and that can be a cause for concern to parents who don’t condone their kid play anything with grenades or guns.
  • There are many battles in Fortnite that include explosions as it’s a game that players battle to reach various achievements.
  • Fortnite has a wide range of weapons to include electrocuting others, grenades, shooting, and even poisonous gas.

The biggest part of Fortnite that may make you question allowing your under 12-year-old kid play is the level of violence and weapons that must be used to defeat monsters within the game. This game is meant to be a battle style game, which will include many fighting matches. If your kid is under age 12, it’s important to determine if they’re mature enough to handle this level of violence or not. If you’re uncertain about having your kid under age 12 play Fortnite, then simply tell them they can play when they reach the recommended age that Fortnite is rated for.


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